Hair bump is one of the most common skin disorders these days. Many people are suffering from this situation in their daily life.

They want to remove their hair bumps, so they can improve their overall look easily. Some bumps may affect the overall skin appearance significantly.

There are some factors that can trigger the development of these skin bumps. If you want to treat this situation correctly, you should keep reading this article.

You are able to see some important things about this skin disorder here. This condition can be treated by some home remedies quickly.

Causes of Hair Bumps

a. Razor

This is the most common factor that can lead to the development of hair bumps. Many people are suffering from this situation because of this reason.

These bumps are also called as the pseudofolliculitis barbae. They are small and irritated bumps on your skin. They usually develop after you shave your beard, mustache, or other hair on your skin.

The shaving activity may irritate your skin. It can cause the development of these bumps quickly. This situation should be treated immediately. Some of them may cause pimples and irritation on the affected areas. They can also cause scarring in certain patients. 

b. Ingrown hair

Some experts believe that most hair bumps are caused by the ingrown hair. This is a common skin condition that usually occurs during puberty period.

This skin disorder usually occurs in areas with coarse hair, such as beard, neck, or bikini areas in both men and women.

This situation is actually harmless, but it may affect your overall appearance significantly. This situation may happen when your hair tip irritates your skin. As the result, you may develop ingrown hair on your skin.

Some common hair removal methods, such as waxing, may increase the possibility of getting this skin disorder. 

The most common Symptoms

a. Pink or red bumps

This is the most common symptom that you can see on your skin easily. It is very easy to observe these pink or red hair bumps on your skin.

This skin disorder may indicate the inflammation that can be caused by the razor or ingrown hair. Some bumps may contain pus inside their bodies.

You can take a look at this condition very clearly. Some of them have similar appearance as the acne or pimples. However, they usually occur on the skin areas that have a lot of hair.

Hair can trigger the development of these bumps. You are able to see some groups of bumps around your hairy areas. 

b. Itchiness

Some people are suffering from this symptom. Some hair bumps are very itchy for certain patients. This itchiness may come from the skin irritation that can be caused by many other factors.

Some allergic reactions may trigger the development of this itchiness feeling. This situation can cause uncomfortable feeling for most patients.

It is recommended that you don’t scratch your itchy skin. Scratching your skin can exacerbate your skin irritation significantly. It is a good idea to use some medications for reducing the itchiness on your skin. 

c. Painful bumps

This is another common symptom that you can have on your skin. Some hair bumps are very painful because they are irritated or blistered.

Some of these bumps may cause open sores when they rupture. These open sores can be very painful for most patients. Many doctors recommend their patients to consume pain killer medications or drugs for solving this problem.

Painful bumps may also indicate serious irritation on your skin. You should meet your doctors immediately when you are suffering from this situation. They know how to treat this situation effectively and quickly. 

What is the Treatments ?

1. Topical creams

This is the most common product that can be used to treat hair bumps. There are some topical creams that can be applied on your skin immediately.

Some creams may contain important nutrients for your skin. Tretinoin or Retin A is an important ingredient in these topical creams. This ingredient can reduce the accumulation of dead skin cells. It can also reduce the inflammation that may occurs on your skin.

Vitamin E is another great nutrient that is good for your skin. It can be used to nourish your skin, so you can reduce the possibility of getting these bumps. 

2. Oral antibiotics

Some hair bumps can be caused by the growth of some bacteria or other microorganisms on your skin. Therefore, you need to eliminate all harmful bacteria on your skin.

It is recommended that you consume some oral antibiotics for treating this skin disorder. There are some products that you should consume, for example cephalexin, tetracycline, and many other products.

These medications can be purchased from some health stores easily. You can also consult with your doctors before taking any oral antibiotics.

You should consume these medications frequently, so you can treat your skin problem easily. 

3. Anti-bacterial soap

When you are planning to treat your hair bumps, you should take a look at this treatment. This is one of the most effective treatments for solving your skin problem.

There are some anti-bacterial soaps that are available on the market. Some soaps contain high quality anti-bacterial ingredients. These ingredients can kill any harmful bacteria on your skin effectively.

You can reduce the possibility of getting skin irritations leading to skin bumps. You should wash your skin with this antibacterial soap at least once a day.

Regular washing is very useful to help you prevent these bumps on your skin effectively. 

The Golden Rule is Prevention

There are some effective ways that you can follow, so you can prevent hair bumps. Make sure that you allow your hair grow well without cutting it.

When you cut your hair regularly, you can increase the chance of getting ingrown hair on your skin. You can also maintain your personal hygiene.

Good personal hygiene can remove some bacteria from your skin effectively. It means that you can prevent any skin irritations that may cause some bumps on your skin.

You also need to consume some healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. These foods can reduce the possibility of getting some bumps on your skin.