On average, about 80% of men and women have suffered from razor bumps or “razor rushes” at one point in their lives. They are as a result of inadequate skin treatment, the use of wrong shaving tools and improper shaving techniques.

In medical terms, they are referred to as Pseudofollicultis Barbae (PFB). But how to prevent razor bumps has always been a challenging situation for them.

PFB occurs in regions where hair has been removed temporarily by tweezing, shaving or waxing. Normally, after shaving, hair grows back and if it happens to curl; it grows back into the skin causing PFB. At this point, the body perceives it as “foreign” and the skin begins to form inflammation as a result.

It manifests itself inform of bumps, discolouration, pus and keloids. In some scenarios, they can from folliculitis.

How to prevent razor bumps can be so difficult a process more so if you haven’t established their main cause. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing something which causes the razor bumps or the skin is generally susceptible to them.

Below are simple procedures that can help you to get rid of boring inflammations: 

  • Changing shaving techniques

Poor shaving techniques is a very common cause of PFB. It’s advisable to shave in the direction which the hair grows; that is, “go with the grains”.

This is where most people go wrong. This is the very first step on how to prevent razor bumps.

Shaving the same area repeatedly is also another poor shaving habit. Never shave any area on your skin repeatedly as this will only increase chances of having the razor bumps. Furthermore, you should neither pull nor stretch your skin while shaving.

Ensuring that hair is soft during this process doesn’t expose the hair to unnecessary tension during the shaving process. Therefore, moisturizing hair using shaving gels or shaving creams will ensure that hair remains soft and hydrated making the razor to cut more easily with minimum force.

You’ll experience less irritation and reduce chances of cutting hair irregularly since the irregularly cut hair in most cases become ingrown. It’s also another effective way on how to prevent razor bumps.

Since this phenomenon is due to hair which curls back into the skin, shaving after about three days will reduce the time which the hair grows and curl into the skin. This will most definitely save you from razor bumps.

  • Proper post shaving care:how to prevent razor bumps

There’re very many post shaving care available in the market. However, before you rush for any of them, it important to be sure that it doesn’t have any side effects on your skin.

This may involve some research or may be if possible, you can consult a skin care specialist or a dermatologist. Post shave care starts from day one and it’s a continuous process.

There’re very many moisturizing products available in the market which contains either glycolic or salicylic acid. Some have instructions on how to prevent razor bumps.

They’re perfect when it comes to exfoliating skin and making hairs to grow in the right direction- they can’t coil back into the skin. All these products are from different manufacturers and each will give you all the necessary instructions on how to use the product.

This will include how long the product should be applied after shaving. If you follow all the instructions, they’ll never disappoint you in anyway.

You can also get a soft brittle brush or a wash cloth and massage the regions which had been shaved. This will help to loosen the dead skin which will reduce chances of hair curling back into the skin. It’s also an effective step on how to prevent razor bumps.

  • Shaving equipment:

Of cause you can employ one of the best shaving techniques but, if you possess a bad shaving tool then most definitely you’ll have razor bumps all over your skin. There’re different types of razors with different number of blades.

Remember, going for a razor with too many blades may not be a solution to this problem. This makes the choice of the shaving tool an essential factor. In fact, razors with too many blades could be the principle cause of shaving bumps. You must be keen to realize this.

Never use a blunt or dull razor as they’ll tend to pull both skin and hair which may aggravate the ingrown hair.

Going for high quality, double or triple blade razor could be one of the best solution. In fact, those with disposable heads are better than those with disposable razors. There’re also electric shavers available but you should only go for one which suits you best.

Both the razors and the electric shavers should cut the hair with minimum effort- efficiency is important. More importantly, don’t compromise quality and go for a cheap inefficient shaving tool.

  • Shaving creams:

There’re so many shaving creams available in the market with different ingredients. Not all will work for you since they are manufactured for different types of skin.

Again, you have to do some research to choose one which blends well with your skin. It’s also a better way on how to prevent razor bumps without much hustle.

There’re shaving oils which are also efficacious when it comes to dealing with razor bumps for example the pacific shaving oil. Shaving creams such as  Zirh Aloe Vera Shave Cream – 3.3 fl oz/100 mL  is also a better option.

There’re quite a number to choose from. Remember, all these products only have one main objective, to hydrate the skin and soften hair.

How you shave your hair could also help to keep the bumps at bay. For instance, trimming the air about a millimeter in length could also work. You can use electric clippers.

How to prevent razor bumps can at times be very tricky and you can find yourself having the bumps especially when you were still in the process of establishing the best shaving cream.

The following simple procedures can help you treat razor bumps within a short period of time:

It’s advisable not to shave until the all the bumps shall have healed. You can remove the ingrown hair gently but make sure you don’t pluck them since this will only worsen the situation.

You can use a warm piece of cloth to press the region gently as it will help to open the pores and soothe discomfort which may be as a result of the process.

For situations where the skin is susceptible to shaving bumps, it’s advisable to see a dermatologist who will prescribe for you the right antibiotic since it could be as a result of other infections.

Oral antibiotics can also be used. Treating razor bumps isn’t a spontaneous process, it may take weeks and thus patience is also necessary. These are some of the most important steps on how to prevent razor bumps.